Ricercare IV (1996, Italy), score excerpt

Praeludium und Ricercare II (1995)
Transkription für Streichtrio (2005)

Elmar Billig: Violine
Andreas Muck: Viola
Ulli Bode: Violoncello

Musiker Mitglieder (2005) im:
Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks

Komposition: Nicolas Constantin Romanacci
Transkription: Elmar Billig und Nicolas Constantin Romanacci
Aufnahme: München 2005

Praeludien und Ricercare

»The first thing I noticed is your lovely sound – it's penetrating and soulful. Then, there are the interesting harmonic turns you take. And I love the way it ends.« Craig Sheppard about »Praeludium und Ricercare II« (December 21th, 2011)

Craig Sheppard, pianist, is one of my favourite Bach interpreters. Great joy and honor he listened to my compositions and that he dedicated these lines to me.

Composition as basic approach

My education in classical guitar and my practice in composition are seminal roots of my work and working approach. Core element of my work has to be the quality of composition – meant also in a broader sense, including for example indeterminacy or performative aspects – and based on it the correlation and coherence between the material, sensual qualities and structures of the work and conceptual levels.

1999: Kompositionen für Gitarre (CD Aufnahmen und Veröffentlichung bei »Albatros«).

With my new guitar – an amazing Ibanez FRM25-MF – did begin a new stage for composition in April 2019, 20 years after the seminal recording of the »Kompositionen für Gitarre«.

[all works from nicolas constantin © nicolas constantin romanacci]