slide (2020), 32x32cm, aluminium, mirrors

Evocing the childhood memory of playing with a slide-puzzle, embodied paths to reflections about the nature of images constituting ourselves come into effect. Personal or philosophical considerations might be equally enclosed by a seemingly simple, yet iconic structure, increasingly puzzling on closer inspection.

Beside other aspects involved, slide is another investigation in the central problem field of »figures in movement«.


Above: Selbstbildnis (»black cube or visage«), 1992, Paris, 20,5cm x 30,3cm
Below: verso, »black cube or visage«, dedication from Georges Didi-Huberman, Munich 16.12.2004

Regarding the aspect »portrayal« see more insights at the Selbstbildnis page.

From the heart a deep bow to my son J. Constantin for the decisive idea to use mirrors, regarding some initial inspiration through a Munich student of mine, who welcomes my reference to the exchange. Finally, fitting to a passage heard in a Bruce Nauman documentation, viewed with my students while envisioning the project:

»One aspect of Art is not solely cognition, but also re-cognition. In Japan there's the story about the perfect Artist. The perfect Artist is wearing a mask of mirrors in front of his face, to allow the viewer a re-cognition of herself.«

»Thema der Kunst ist nicht nur das Entdecken, sondern auch das Wiedererkennen. In Japan gibt es die Geschichte vom perfekten Künstler. Der perfekte Künstler trägt vor seinem Gesicht eine Maske aus Spiegeln, in denen jeder Betrachter sich wieder erkennen kann.« Bruce Nauman, Make me think, ARTCORE Film 2004

classical slide puzzle