takahiko iimura

Nicolas Constantin Romanacci:
Structures of Ambiguity in the Closed Circuit Video Installations of Takahiko iimura

In this essay I would like to discuss occurances and functions of ambiguity in the work of Takahiko iimura, regarding his closed circuit video installations. Hereby I will refer particularly to a series of video works (»Observer/Observed«, 1975; »Observer/Observed/Observer«, 1976; »Camera, Monitor/Frame«, 1976), which iimura understood as a video trilogy, entitled as »A Semiology of Video«. Iimura provided a detailed description of this trilogy and the related »linguistic approach«, which will count as a basic reference for my essay (iimura 2007: 127-162). I would like to show, how occurances of ambiguity are to be observed in some basic structures of iimura’s installations, and how these occurances have to be considered as constitutive and conceptual elements in iimura’s work. I will relate these observations to iimura’s ideas on the relationship between language and video, which he developed »according to the logical structure of a video system dealing with the grammar of language at the same time« (iimura 2007: 127). Finally I would like to discuss the status of ambiguity in iimura’s work related to the contextualization of his work with these of other artists and his cultural background, particularly in critical consideration of the possibility to contextualize his work with the ideas of »Zen-Buddhism«.