braid (2016), performance based audio-visual compositions, various media, series »separate assignments«

»I grew up Fostered alike by beauty and by fear.« William Wordsworth, The Prelude (I, 265-266)

braid belongs to the triptych separate assignments.

separate assignments are studies in human movement, based on performances of assignments given to a stranger via webcam. Beyond being basically audio-visual compositions, the series investigates aspects of images, identity and interaction regarding experiences in front of separate screens, expressing the disturbed and disturbing beauty of deficient media and mediated relationships.

The series is also dealing with the entanglement between amazement about beauty and an awareness of the evanescence of beauty – the unsettling awareness of caducity.

»It's a task, and you see the body doing it. I found those (...) very beautiful – the beauty of just what a body does to perform a task.« Simone Forti on Muybridge in: thinking with the body

separate assignments triptych: braid, re-move make-up, shape

From a broader perspective, the series »separate assignments« belongs to my ongoing »investigations in movement« and to the motif of »figures in movement«. Related aspects unfolded most elaboratedly in the interactive installation Variations IX, (2015), an audio-visual composition, beautifully linked to my first appaearance of the figure in movement, (Paris, 1993), through girl descending a staircase, (2017).

For insights regarding the portraiture motif and particularly the first seminal appearance of portraiture see Selbstbildnis, Paris 1992.

»Nicolas – i LOVE this work !!!! it's so beautiful and magical!«

Thanks from the heart to K.S. for her calm, melancholy mellow and fragile performances.

»Vermeer« Version

»Exposure« Versions (exhibition view / montage)

separate assignments – references:

Above: Albrecht Dürer: Der Zeichner des liegenden Weibes, aus: Underweysung der Messung, 1525
Below: separate assignments »underweysung« via webcam

Eadward Muybridge

Simone Forti on Muybridge in: Forti, Simone 2014: Thinking with the Body, Munich [Hirmer], p. 26

Eadward Muybridge, The Human Figure in Motion, plate 167,
Woman sitting in chair, drying her feet

Eadweard Muybridge, The Human Figure in Motion

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