rue du sabot

rue du sabot and raum are studies in composition. My investigations originated around 1993 in paris, concentrating only on classical black and white technique. Color entered my work consciously only after my extended studies based on Josef Albers »interaction of color« at the Akademie für Gestaltung im Handwerk, Munich (1998-1999). I do owe these studies an immense sensibilisation for experiencing color. Based on these color studies I did also a course for my students later, called »to open minds«, a paraphraze of Albers' »to open eyes«. Description here: to open minds

I do call these pictures »studies«, because I do see them foremost as investigations in composition. On the other hand, the core theme of movement is already embedded in a subliminal way through an absence of people. Compare also station and meriggio.

[all works from nicolas constantin © nicolas constantin romanacci]