watch / kōan

watch (2016), performance based audio-visual composition, 2:24 min.

watch is a short, quite rigorous compositional study about the ambiguity of words and acts, related to variations of the phrase »you watch my eyes watch« (see variations below the images section). It is a study about distance and intimacy, about immediacy and media, about images and imagination, and other aspects you may experience, watching and listening. First of all, watch is kind of a musical composition, kind of a sensual »fugue«, kind of an audio-visual »kōan« (公案) if you like, meditative and at once deliberately disturbing – subtly subversive.

watch belongs to the series two figures. The series deals on the one hand with the interaction of two persons, on the other hand with the entanglement of conceptual understanding and visual understanding – or more generally: non-verbal understanding – related to movement and the observation of movement. two figures triptych: watch, girl's game, stroke

watch is a study particularly related to the wall-triptychs (2018). The investigations are long-term studies in composition, involving intervention and interaction related to spatial and social environments. The initial concepts for the wall-triptychs and watch have been developed at the same time (2015).

Beside these aspects, the work is also a portrait of Birgit Fischer. Many thanks for her open minded and very professional performance. Birgit Fischer is running the »slow fashion« shop onimos, take a look. Related to my investigations in movement and particularly linked with fascination for the human body, I have been partly interested in specific aspects of clothing and fashion. In this context, I asked Birgit to colaborate because of her professional engagement with fashion. My interest in fashion had become more specific through my work at tim, the State Textile and Industry Museum. At »tim« I did museum-paedagogy for many years, practising print techniques with children and juveniles (report upcoming). The State Textile and Industry Museum did organize also the great show »KUNST I STOFF« (2015), where Variations IX has been part of.

For insights regarding the portraiture motif and particularly the first seminal appearance of portraiture see Selbstbildnis, Paris 1992.

Below: Structures of Ambiguity in the Closed Circuit Video Installations of Takahiko iimura, related essay.

Nicolas Constantin Romanacci, essay: Structures of Ambiguity in the Closed Circuit Video Installations of Takahiko iimura

Variations on »you watch my eyes watch« – simultaneously possible interpretations

  • »you watch my eyes«
  • »you watch my eyes watch«
  • »you watch my eyes watch you«
  • »watch my eyes«
  • »watch my eyes watch«
  • »watch my eyes watch you«
  • »my eyes watch«
  • »my eyes watch you«
  • »my eyes watch you watch my eyes«
  • »you watch my eyes watch you watch my eyes«

Through the ambiguity of the meaning of the words and phrases, through an overlapping of active and passive forms of words, experiencing the increasing separation of meaning and sound is intended. An increasing dissolution of conceptual understanding unfolds.

[all works from nicolas constantin © nicolas constantin romanacci]